The Art Of Music And Music Leadership. With Gordan Nikolic


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Ambitious violinists, luthiers and violin-makers: join me and my special guest Gordan Nikolic on my popular podcast Luthiers & Legacy. Gordan is a former London Symphony Orchestra concertmaster for 20 years, is the musical leader of the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, Amsterdam, and a teacher. He is one of the leading violinists today. In this episode, Gordan is sharing with you his profound insights on music and music leadership.

Mentioned during the conversation:

Masterclasses in Sardegna:

"De Bewoners", the chamber music group started during Covid:

Look out for the new recording of the Mozart symphonies no. 41, "Jupiter" and 39 in E flat major (German label "Tacet"), the latest record of a series of four CD's dedicated to Mozart's late symphonies and violin concertos with Gordan's Dutch musical family, the Nederlands Kamerorkest.
Learn about The Expert Instrument Maker Business Blueprint™:

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